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#p2pvt WebTech 2010 Veliko Turnovo

April 26th, 2010 by lukav

Another year has passed and yet we all gathered together in Veliko Turnovo for P2P WebTech conference. I was very pleased with this year edition. The lectors ware great and the lectures ware very interesting and useful … well may be with one or two exceptions 🙂

We made some new friends from Mozilla and MariaDB (the new MySQL so to speak). We spend a good evening exploring the great opportunity of our beautiful country – cheep alcohol 😉 ending in a local pub with a great band: Jerihon you should check them out.

I should also give my spacial thanks for giving a way a brand new Laptop. They gave it away to ME 😀

Another interesting event was the DrumBeat competition. There ware 11 teams that had to propose an OpenSource Project idea in about 15 minutes. I was left out for the jury. I was very supprized that 6 or 7 of them had the same bases. If I should summarize the idea I would say “Self driven community knowledge educational program”. Obviously people realize that the current educational system suck and a very interesting and promising idea would be to implement the open community method (like wikepedia) to make better schoolbooks and test for the young generation. This certainly needs more investigation and tough.

Looking forward for the future whatever it may be …


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