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Joost review

May 7th, 2007 by lukav

Well, it seams my blog isn’t doing so well, since I didn’t get an invitation. However ware nice enough to send me one. Thank you very much.

So as I suspected the guys have done a pretty good job. Joost has a nice, simple and elegant interface, whitout the fuss of tons of options. I can describe it as “only what you need” interface, which are becoming widely used. It has some flaws, but they are more because of my preferences not of stupidity. I have to say the interface is pretty good. I’m almost jealous :).

As far as performance goes, I run it on my laptop hp nw8000 1.7 Mhz Intel Pentium with 1GB Ram. And it runs pretty smooth. There are some vary VARY small and rare delays, but I still can not determine if it is my PC speed or because of my ISP speed.

One thing that is missing are subtitles. People would like to have subtitles as with Divx movies. But this could be added pretty easily, I think. Someone can make a plugging that would allow playing user subtitles. That way the community could take care for the translation, timing and so on, where the content providers would continue to produce the main content. The translators can be rated, so the other users are able to choose the best translation from all.

As overall, so far I’m quite impressed and see great potential in this. For example: if anyone can become a content provider, young talents would be able to produce a program or movie, present it to a wide audience and collect the benefit without the stopper in the big networks chains.

Not to mention that it is quite nice to choose what you want to watch and to be able top pause at anytime.

Uraaa, no more waiting for the commercials to go to the bathroom 😉

Keep with the goos work guys.

P.S. If anyone wants an invitaion, post a comment.

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  1. edfromrhodeisland Says:

    I just broke my collarbone and am bored silly. If you could send me an invite for Joost I would be forever greatfull!!
    Rhode Island

  2. Ivailo Atanassov Says:

    Pls send me one. I received an e-mail from you for and saw your blog :0

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